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Posted Date : 05-01-2016


Are You TradeCertified?

As when Poolsearch began in 1998, we were a small, specialized publication dedicated to swimming pools. Our mission was to help consumers sift through the potentially overwhelming range of options to choose from when building a pool.

Today our commitment to easing the pool-building process is stronger than ever, which is why we are growing our TradeCertified endorsement program.  Never before has a program like ours existed in the swimming pool industry. Building a   swimming pool with a TradeCertified company means you selected one of the best local builders in North America. 

To become TradeCertified a local builder must demonstrate its commitment to exceed customer expectations in five key areas including affiliations such as with the Better Business Bureau or Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, facilities, service after the sale, employee education and customer satisfaction.  

No Automatic Winners. Fair, Accurate and Independent Results.  

Completely independent and based largely on customer testimonials, this coveted award means a local pool builder has proven excellent on every level, from sales and professionalism to service and customer satisfaction. 

A professional team of third-party specialists reviews and audits all applications, so you can be sure this local certification has been earned fairly.  When you see a pool builder displaying the TradeCertified insignia in its showroom, you can rest easy knowing you located one of the best of the best pool builders in the market. 

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David T. Wood, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief