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About Our Pool Quote Service

Our exclusive referral system gives you the ability to obtain a local quote from up to four local pool builders within 48 hours.

Each participating PoolQuote™ builder will contact you to discuss the pool type, features and accessories that you would like. Of course there is never any obligation, so give it a try...more than 320,000 have already saved money and time!

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Types of Quotes Available

Swimming Pools

Buying a swimming pool is an excellent way to provide a safe and exciting activity to the privacy of your back yard. Besides all the family fun you can have, the bonding experiences, and the parties with friends, swimming has been shown to have a huge amount of health benefits. Swimming is an exercise everyone from children to senior citizens can engage in, and it is one of the few cardio exercises that is absolutely low impact.

Portable & Inground Hot Tubs

Why buy a hot tub? Keep in mind that people have been soaking in hot water from hot springs to Roman baths for centuries, and the health properties of hot tubs are extremely well established and researched. Hot tubs have been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, increase circulation, decrease joint pain, and prolong life. A hot tub will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, usable by all of your family and friends, and a valuable asset to your home.

Swim Spas & Exercise Pools

An exercise pool is just that - an opportunity for you to get an intense workout right from your pool. However, a swim spa offers a few added benefits that your traditional pool may not offer. Individuals who are considering the investment in this type of pool will find that the advantages are not just exercise related. In fact, this can be the perfect place to relax and unwind with friends or to let the kids splash around in the summer months. Today’s swim spa is a complete system that is easy to use and maintain.


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